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    Ten Commandments Bible Study: Series

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    After testing numerous teens, college-aged students, adults, and even entire congregations it is clear that the majority of Christians can not even list the 10 Commandments.

    That is why MovieMinistry created this 10 Commandments Bible Study Series. Each study incorporates a film clip (from readily available DVDs) that illustrates some aspect of each Commandment. Using clips temporarily takes the focus off the participant and allows them to examine situations involving others. Then the study drives them toward the Scriptures where they can hear the Commandment from Exodus 20 and look at other passages that illuminate it. Finally, each participant is challenged to change their attitudes and behaviors , taking God's Word and letting it transform their lives.

    The Ten Commandments Bible Study Series contains the following individual studies:

    Why Should I Care About God's Law uses a scene from Night at the Museum to lead to a discussion from Psalm 78:1-8; Proverbs 8:33 about the why knowing and obeying God's law is still important for us today.

    #1 You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me uses a scene from Toy Story to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:1-3 and Matthew 4:8-10 about the nature and danger of idolatry .

    #2 You Shall Not Make Idols for Yourselves uses a scene from Cast Away to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:4-6 and Romans 1:20-25 about how creating idols leads to foolish thoughts and actions, so we need to make sure we are worshipping the True God.

    #3 You Shall Not Misuse the Name of the Lord uses a scene from The Music Man to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:7 and Matthew 5:33-37. about how we need to respect God's name and watch our tongues.

    #4 Remember the Sabbath Day by Keeping It Holy uses a scene from Peter Pan (2003) to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:12 and Mark 7:9-13 about how setting aside one day each week to honor God helps to keep Him at the center of our lives.

    #5 Honor Your Father and Your Mother uses a scene from Peter Pan (2003) to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:12 and Mark 7:9-13 about how to recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by our parents.

    #6 You Shall Not Murder uses a scene from Crimes and Misdemeanors to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:13 and Matthew 5:21-22 to explore how murder starts in the heart and how to stop sin early.

    # 7 You Shall Not Commit Adultery uses a scene from City Slickers to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:14; Proverbs 7:1-27; 1 Corinthians 6:18; Matthew 5:27-20; Proverbs 5:15-23 to grasp the nature of, and path to, adultery and what we need to do to avoid it.

    #8 You Shall Not Steal uses a scene from Cinderella Man to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:14; Ephesians 4:28; Titus 2:10, and Luke 19:1-10 to reinforce God's command against stealing and emphasize good alternatives.

    #9 You Shall Not Give False Testimony uses a scene from Shark Tale to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:16, Proverbs 12:19, Proverbs 20:17, Proverbs 19:22, Proverbs 10:9, Proverbs 13:5, Proverbs 19:9, and Ephesians 4:25 to teach that lying is wrong, it can get you into a lot of trouble, and how to become a truth-teller.

    #10 You Shall Not Covet uses a scene from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring to lead to a discussion from Exodus 20:17; Psalm 24:1; 1 Corinthians 6:12; Luke 12:15-21; and 1 Timothy 6:6-12 about learning not to covet and, instead, find contentment.

    Each study in this series includes:

    A Leader's guide that makes preparation quick and easy.

    - Beautiful full-color cover
    - Step-by-step prep for the study
    - Kick-off questions to get things started
    - Chapter, start and stop times for the clip you will show
    - Questions that use the clip to draw students into the topic
    - Scripture passages that explore the theme of the study
    - A discussion section that makes the transition from the film to issues of    faith
    - All questions from Student Study have potential answers in Leader's    Guide
    - Motivates students to take action

    Student Bible studies that follow the Leader's Guide format.

    - Professional-looking bi-fold study guide
    - Beautiful full-color cover
    - Discussion questions clearly stated
    - Plenty of white space for taking notes
    - Scripture references written out for easy access
    - Questions that lead people to make decisions
    - Permission to make as many copies as you need for your own group    only.

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