1. 17 Again

  2. 17 Again

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    What would you do if God gave you a fresh start for your life?
    17 Again can stimulate discussions about dealing with regret, setting the right priorities, and a biblical view of sex. 17 Again can also inspire talk about what it means to have sacrificial love, and what each of us might do if we were given a fresh start by God.
    Film Synopsis: Mike O'Donnell, a bitter 37-year-old married father of two has neglected his family to nurse a grudge that the best years of his life were unfairly taken away. But when a wise old janitor asks him if he'd like to do it all again, Mike says "yes," and sets a magical transformation in motion that turns back his biological clock. Still living in the present, Mike is 17 again, with a chance to live his life over. But when he discovers that his daughter is dating a psychopath, his son is incessantly bullied, and his wife is getting ready to divorce him, Mike has to decide what are his real priorities.
    Genre: Comedy
    Rating: PG-13
    Content Advisory: 17 Again contains some profanity, a discussion about sex, and implied sensuality.

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