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    How can we know if what we believe is real?
    Inception is one of the most though-provoking films in the last decade. It can stimulate discussions about what is a good foundation for knowing what is real, the difference between regret and repentance, and the power of an idea. Inception can also inspire talk about when is a good time to take a "leap of faith," and how memories can hold us back or help us.
    Film Synopsis: The world's secrets are stored in the minds of people, and Cobb is the best Extractor in the world. Aided by technology Cobb has the ability to enter the dream state of others and extract information for the highest bidder. Because he is in trouble with the law, he makes a deal with Mr. Saito. Saito will clear Cobb's record and allow him to return home to be with his children, and in return Cobb will have to do the impossible: not extract an idea from a target, but to implant one.
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Rating: PG-13
    Content Advisory: Inception contains intense action sequences.
    A FilmTalk Card is a single page study guide in pdf format that will lead participants through 3 or 4 areas of spiritual, ethical, or moral discussion based on scenes or ideas contained in the movie. Each single paged FilmTalk Card describes movie moments to provide context for questions that challenge your group to see the connection between the film, their faith, and their lives.

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