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    Pacific Rim

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    What does it take to win the spiritual battle?
    Pacific Rim can help you to explore spiritual warfare - in particular why retreat is not an option, the need for unity in the fight, the requirement of timeliness, the value of understanding the enemy, and the need to persevere.
    Film Synopsis: An alien invasion has come to Earth, but not from outer space. A rift, deep on the ocean floor, has opened a portal to another dimension. Through this portal come the Kaiju, gargantuan monsters bent on destroying humanity and making our world their own.

    Current military technology was barely enough to stop the initial invasion, but then more Kaiju came -- bigger, stronger, and with more advanced modes of attack. So the the military created the Jaegers -- mechanical monsters of our own -- with which to battle the Kaiju. But with each new wave of invasion, the humans grow increasingly vulnerable. Governments erect Walls of Life, but discover that they offer no protection. A determination is made to cancel the Jaeger program and submit to their fate.

    But Marshal Pentecost is unwilling to surrender. With a crew of dedicated pilots and support staff, he retrofits the remaining Jaegers to make a final stand. Not to simply fight the Kaiju, but to destroy the portal between the worlds in order to safeguard earth from further invasion. Can he close the rift before all of the Jaeger are destroyed?
    Genre: Science Fiction
    Rating: PG-13
    Content Advisory: Pacific Rim contains tense battle violence and some profanity. The film is rated PG-13 by the MPAA.
    A FilmTalk Movie Bible Study examines five different spiritual, moral, or ethical issues from the movie. Each section of the Bible Study opens by posing questions about characters, scenes, or themes from the film. Next, students encounter relevant Bible passages, with each section ending with discussions about how God’s Word explains those issues and guides our thoughts and behavior.

    This FilmTalk Movie Bible Study comes complete with:
    Leader's Guide with preparation notes
    Student Study with plenty of room to write
    Leader's Prep page that has general study tips, a content advisory for the film, and a detailed synopsis of the film

    Warning – The Leader’s Prep Guide does include spoilers, so reference it after the film if you haven’t already seen it. Movie Bible Study recommends Study Leaders preview the film before selecting for study to make sure the material is age-appropriate for your group.

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