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    Doctor Strange

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    Is there more to this world that what we can see?
    Doctor Strange can help your group explore the dangers of pride and arrogance; why people are attracted to, but should reject, scientific materialism; and the lure of eternal life. This study will also take a look at the problem of Pharisaism and the nature of spiritual warfare.
    Film Synopsis: Dr. Stephen Strange is a brilliant and innovative neurosurgeon, with nerves of steel and an ego the size of Manhattan. He thinks that the rules that apply to others, don't apply to him. But when he loses control of his car on a windy road, he discovers that his body is subject to the laws of physics. The crash is catastrophic, leaving Strange with hands so mangled that he is told his career as a surgeon is over. Strange is unwilling to accept his fate. He contacts all of the brilliant surgeons he can find, and, again and again, is told that his case is hopeless. Until one day he meets a physical therapist who tells him of a man with a severed spinal cord who, nevertheless, not only recovered, but can run, walk and jump. Strange seeks the man out and learns of a place in Tibet called Kamar-Taj where the man learned the secrets that led to his recovery.

    Strange travels to the Himalayas, and after weeks of fruitless searching ending in a beating by local thugs, he is rescued by Karl Mordo -- a master at Kamar-Taj, who takes him to the secret compound. There, Strange is introduced to The Ancient One. At first, Strange -- being a materialist -- rejects the mystical nature of the system The Ancient One explains. Only when The Ancient One directly opens Strange to the other dimensions is he convinced. He begs to be admitted for instruction, and eventually The Ancient One agrees to train him. He is seeking a chance to heal his broken hands and get his life back, but what he doesn't know is that he will be conscripted into a tremendous, interdimensional battle in which Earth and all its inhabitants hang in the balance.

    Former student at Kamar-Tag, Kaecillius, has stolen an ancient spell that allows him to bend space/time and call forth Dormammu, a nearly god-like force of destruction intent on sucking Earth into a state of timeless destruction. To fulfill his goal, Kaecillium must overcome all three of Earth's protective Sanctums. One after another, they fall, until only one remains and it is nearing collapse. The only thing left standing between Dormammu and the annihilation of the Earth is Dr. Stephen Strange.
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Rating: PG-13
    Content Advisory: Doctor Strange contains some profanity, a lot of action violence, and an emphasis on sorcerers as guardians against mystic threats.
    A FilmTalk Movie Bible Study examines five different spiritual, moral, or ethical issues from the movie. Each section of the Bible Study opens by posing questions about characters, scenes, or themes from the film. Next, students encounter relevant Bible passages, with each section ending with discussions about how God’s Word explains those issues and guides our thoughts and behavior.

    This FilmTalk Movie Bible Study comes complete with:
    Leader's Guide with preparation notes
    Student Study with plenty of room to write
    Leader's Prep page that has general study tips, a content advisory for the film, and a detailed synopsis of the film

    Warning – The Leader’s Prep Guide does include spoilers, so reference it after the film if you haven’t already seen it. Movie Bible Study recommends Study Leaders preview the film before selecting for study to make sure the material is age-appropriate for your group.

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