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    FilmTalk Cards - 5 Pack

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    5 FilmTalk Cards for $11.80 - Save $2.95

    Now you can buy FilmTalk Cards in bulk and save with Card Packs! And you don't have to wait for the perfect FilmTalk Cards to come before you start saving. You can get your discount now and choose your FilmTalk Cards immediately or wait until studies for hot new films come out later in the year or do a little of both. Use your Card Pack any way you choose and don’t worry -- they will never expire. It's the perfect choice for people who use FilmTalk Cards multiple times throughout the year. Select a Card Pack now and start saving today.

    FilmTalk Cards are a single page study guide in pdf format that will lead participants through 3 to 4 areas of spiritual, ethical, or moral discussion based on scenes or ideas contained in the movie. Each single paged FilmTalk Card describes movie moments to provide context for questions that challenge your group to see the connection between the film, their faith, and their lives.

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