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    Man of Steel

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    Does morality make you weak?
    Man of Steel can stimulate discussions about what it means to "play god," self-control as strength, how people respond to Jesus, and the power of morality.
    Film Synopsis: Director Zack Snyder reboots the Superman franchise with Man of Steel. A young boy, Clark Kent, in rural Kansas wonders at all of the ways he is different from his classmates. His father tells him that he is special, that he must hide his true identity. We discover that Clark is not from this world. He is from Krypton - a dying planet light years away from earth. Clark (whose birth name is Kal-el) was sent to earth both as a last-ditch effort to save Kryptonian civilization, and as an emissary.

    Stronger that all of his classmates, possessed of incredible powers, Clark grows up with his human adoptive parents. When keeping a promise to his father leads to his father's death, Clark becomes a drifter. He cannot fit in anywhere. But while working in the frozen north as part of a consulting team for the U.S. Government, Clark discovers what appears to be a spaceship, buried in the ice. Armed with nothing more than a shard from the tiny ship in which he came to earth, Clark enters the spaceship and meets his destiny.

    In the meantime, the chief criminals of Krypton have escaped from what was supposed to be an impenetrable prison. Believing that Clark holds the key to the lost knowledge of Krypton, they track him to Earth, intent on getting it back -- even if it means destroying the planet and everyone on it. Led by General Zod, these last vestiges of Krypton use Clark's love for humanity as a weapon against him.

    Clark's powers -- not yet fully formed -- need to be tested, trained, and developed. Can he become the hero that the humans need before General Zod and the marauding Kryptonians destroy the planet?
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Rating: PG-13
    Content Advisory: contains a lot of action violence and some profanity. The film has been rated PG-13 by the MPAA.
    A FilmTalk Card is a single page study guide in pdf format that will lead participants through 3 or 4 areas of spiritual, ethical, or moral discussion based on scenes or ideas contained in the movie. Each single paged FilmTalk Card describes movie moments to provide context for questions that challenge your group to see the connection between the film, their faith, and their lives.

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