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    What is the best way to develop your spiritual gifts?
    Turbo can stimulate discussion about fulfilling your calling; the paralyzing power of fear; developing our gifts; and how to test potential role models.
    Film Synopsis: Everyone knows that garden snails are slow -- everyone, that is, except Theo, who believes that he was born to go fast. He calls himself Turbo, and rises early every morning to push himself to go faster and faster, motivated by his hero, Guy Gagne, the famous race car driver that Theo sees on television.

    Theo/Turbo's dreams are ridiculed by his brother Chet, who just wants Theo to live like all the other snails: doing work that is "good enough," moving slow, and living in fear. After a particularly disastrous encounter between Theo, the lawnmower man, and a tomato, it appears that Theo's dream is over.

    But when a freak accident infuses Theo's shell with a powerful racing formula, he is actually transformed into a Turbo-charged snail - faster than any cheetah. When his brother is snatched by crows, Turbo uses his new-found powers to give chase and save him, only to be captured by Tito, a friendly taco vendor, who wants to enter Turbo in a local snail race.

    When Tito sees what Turbo can do, he decides to enter him in the Indy 500 as a publicity stunt for his shop. At first, the officials say "no," but Guy Gagne champions his entry, and the next thing you know, Turbo is tearing around the track. But can his new-found talent go the distance?
    Genre: Animated
    Rating: PG
    Content Advisory: contains some intense action sequences and a little rude humor. The film is rated PG by the MPAA.
    A FilmTalk Card is a single page study guide in pdf format that will lead participants through 3 or 4 areas of spiritual, ethical, or moral discussion based on scenes or ideas contained in the movie. Each single paged FilmTalk Card describes movie moments to provide context for questions that challenge your group to see the connection between the film, their faith, and their lives.

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