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    The Case for Christ

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    Can you mount a convincing defense of your faith?
    The Case for Christ can stimulate discussions about the difference between mocking and skepticism, how everyone takes some kind of leap of faith, why we must have patience in persecution, and why the historical fact of the resurrection is so important.
    Film Synopsis: Lee Strobel, an award-winning journalist with the Chicago Tribune, has it all: a beautiful wife and daughter, a great job, and his future prospects seem limitless. He has just been named legal editor at the newspaper. But a near-tragedy sets the wheels in motion that will completely upend his world. Out for dinner with his family, his daughter nearly chokes to death, but is rescued by a nurse, Alfie Davis, who tells them that she had felt that God directed her to be at that restaurant that evening. She had intended to eat elsewhere.

    Lee's wife, Leslie, is rocked by the events of the evening, but Lee sees nothing but coincidence. As atheists, Lee rejects Alfie's claim of divine intervention as nothing but fairy tales. But Leslie seeks answers. She forms a friendship with Alfie, who takes her to church and patiently addresses her questions. When Leslie ultimately comes to faith in Christ, it creates tremendous tension in her marriage to Lee -- not because of any insistence on her part that he share her faith, but because of Lee's hostility toward any belief system not founded on factual evidence.

    He determines to use his journalistic skills to prepare a case against the claims of the Bible concerning the resurrection of Jesus. He looks into the reliability of the manuscripts, the nature of the eyewitness accounts, the possibility that the apostles and other followers of Christ were victims of a mass delusion, or that Jesus didn't actually die as described. But at every turn, each interview with experts leaves him struggling with the sheer weight of evidence in favor of the historical claims of existence of Jesus and the truth of His crucifixion and resurrection.

    The results of his investigation into Jesus force him to reflect on his own journalistic biases. Does he really care about where the evidence leads, or is he only concerned with confirming his own preconceived ideas? Is he ignoring key evidence; only seeing what he wants to see? The Case for Christ chronicles Lee Strobel's journey from atheism to faith, highlighting the truth that coming to Christ is no blind leap, but a reasoned decision based on solid evidence.
    Genre: Biographical
    Rating: PG
    Content Advisory: The Case for Christ contains episodes of drunkenness and graphic descriptions of crucifixion.
    A FilmTalk Card is a single page study guide in pdf format that will lead participants through 3 or 4 areas of spiritual, ethical, or moral discussion based on scenes or ideas contained in the movie. Each single paged FilmTalk Card describes movie moments to provide context for questions that challenge your group to see the connection between the film, their faith, and their lives.

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